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Her 11 bridesmaids, including actresses Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu and Selena Li, did not hold up the ceremony by making things too difficult for the band of brothers.After reading aloud a declaration of love, the groom was allowed to pick up the bride, who wore a two-piece Chinese wedding dress with 3D embroidered dragons and phoenixes.The wedding saw numerous TVB actors and actresses in attendance, some doubling up as groomsmen and bridesmaids for the couple.Tavia’s bridesmaids included Claire Yiu, Meinei Cheung and Natalie Tong, while Him’s groomsmen included Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng.This inference implies a long Precambrian history of animals phylogenetically allied with sponges.However, there is yet little unequivocal paleontological evidence of Precambrian sponges.Although requiring additional specimens of similar form for confirmation, this finding is consistent with phylogenomic inference, and implies the presence of eumetazoan ancestors by 60 Myr before the Cambrian. nov.) is slightly more than 1.2 mm wide and 1.1 mm tall, is composed of hundreds of thousands of cells, and has a gross structure consisting of three adjacent hollow tubes sharing a common base.An extraordinarily well preserved, 600-million-year (Myr)-old, three-dimensionally phosphatized fossil displaying multiple independent characters of modern adult sponges has been analyzed by SEM and synchrotron X-ray tomography. The main tube is crowned with a large open funnel, and the others end in osculum-like openings to the exterior.

The animal was covered with a dense layer of flattened cells resembling sponge pinacocytes, displaying a hollow tubular structure with apparent water inflow and outflow orifices.

A banquet at The Ritz-Carlton followed, with more than 100 of the bride's friends in attendance, including actors Michael Miu, Michael Tse and Kenneth Ma and actress Michelle Ye.

Hand in hand, actors Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan made their official debut as a couple.

The external surface is densely covered with flat tile-like cells closely resembling sponge pinacocytes, and this layer is punctuated with smaller pores.

A dense patch of external structures that display the form of a lawn of sponge papillae has also survived.

HONG KONG - Former TVB star Myolie Wu and businessman Philip Lee married amid razzmatazz on Monday, after falling in love at first sight and dating for a year.

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