Ken solin dating


This voice actor got into the dating industry by working as a dating columnist for several online magazines, including The Huffington Post.As he delved into the topic of emotional relations between men and women, he found people turning to him for help with their love lives.

Ken supplies women of a certain age the tools to successfully find a compatible partner with long-term potential.Older generations often didn’t know how to navigate online dating, and Ken found himself able to apply his own personal successes in that area to help women over 50 land a quality date.His support and guidance empower women to take control of their dating experiences and meet emotionally balanced men on dating websites.Ken recently joined Stitch as an advisor and brand ambassador.His passion is helping Stitch members enjoy their best possible online dating experience.In 2012, dating expert Ken Solin wrote an article arguing men should be emotionally honest with women, and his words sparked an immediate debate.

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