Katharine zeta jones dating sean connery Sex chat bot werewolf

Sure, there are a few witty lines and some high-voltage stunts, but after the initial adrenaline rush has worn off, the cat-and-mouse game becomes a little tedious.

After her well-received role in The Mask of Zorro, the Welsh beauty teamed up with a Scottish sex symbol and appeared opposite Sean Connery, in the movie Entrapment.

Winona is only maybe 30, but isn't Richard Gere at least 60, maybe older?

Another one, pairing Michelle Pfeiffer with Harrison Ford.

Zeta-Jones began her career on the musical stage, starring in Annie and playing Tallulah in Bugsy Malone.

She later headlined the West End production of 42nd Street.

I know this has been brought up before, and this is not actually a real question, more just an observation.

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