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Arrested could make me laugh until I pissed tears, It’s Always Sunny could make me feel like a terrible person for laughing until I pissed tears, and Parks and Rec is easily the kindest great sitcom of the 00s, but Scrubs provided the slightly better human connection.

You shouldn’t choose a President based upon who you’d most likely want to have a beer with, but if you’re choosing sitcom ensembles based on that, Scrubs would win, hands down.

According to Donald Faison, who plays Carla's husband Christopher Turk, Carla becomes a stay-at-home mother following the birth of their second daughter, explaining the character's absence from season nine.Practically launching Zach Braff's career as lovable protagonist J.D., the show followed the lives of a group of doctors, nurses, medical interns and one very grumpy janitor as they dealt with the highs and the lows of working at the Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital.Reyes' film credits include the movies Dirty, Bringing Out the Dead, and Be Back at Five and Washington Heights.Additionally, Reyes starred and produced the independent film Glow Ropes: The Rise and Fall of a Bar Mitzvah Emcee, with her husband Edwin M. Glow Ropes screened and won the Best Film award at the 2005 HBO New York Latino Film Festival.Carla appeared in every episode during the first eight seasons except three Season 8 episodes, "My Happy Place", "My Cookie Pants" and "My Full Moon".

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