Joe namath dating

You can really understand what made him so successful as a quarterback.There are a ton of great nuggets in the interview that would make for great blog posts.And if you've got the goods on one I missed, lay it on me in the comments section.

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Let's gawk at 15 of the most improbable and ridiculous hookups in sports history.

In June 2006, he pleaded guilty to armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Wearing a white tee over his head and gloves, Baker and an accomplice attacked a Mc Donald’s near his home on Indiantown Road and forced the manager to open a safe.

Joe Namath was known for being a ladies’ man throughout his playing career, but he had nothing on Wilt Chamberlain when it comes to scoring.

Deadspin dug up an old interview Broadway Joe did with Playboy in Dec. The interview delves into the workings of Namath’s New York nightclub Bachelor III and its potential mafia ties, Namath’s days in college, his time in the pros, and sex. Reading through the interview, Namath’s classic confidence shines through, as does his knowledge of football.

They escaped with ,000 but were nabbed hours later at a gas station.

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