Jlist not updating


So the main question is, how can I display something and ...

I want to update the JPanel(1) to reflect the new state of the JList whenever it is changed.

With a "JList", you can call the "set List Data()" method with a Vector and it will construct a new List model for you behind the scenes.

So every time the vector changes you need to re-build the List.


THE METHOD set Element At IS // SIMLY INACCESSIBLE list1Model()Element At("Task is opened", list1Selected Index()); After changing your model's data you must call fire Contents Changed (inherited from Abstract List Model) to notify listeners (including the JList) that something has changed - something like fire Contents Changed(this, i, i); ...

If this were my problem I'd be forced back to brute force debugging at this stage.

Note that I have all 3 JPanels extend from a parent class that actually holds the JList and accepts the model in its constructor. Key Event; import javax.swing.*; @Suppress Warnings("serial") public class Panels With Shared List extends JPanel @Suppress Warnings("serial") abstract class Abstract List Showing Panel extends JPanel @Suppress Warnings("serial") class List Showing Panel1 extends Abstract List Showing Panel @Suppress Warnings("serial") class List Showing Panel2 extends Abstract List Showing Panel @Suppress Warnings("serial") class List Showing Panel3 extends Abstract List Showing Panel Just from an academic point of view, I would suggest that this kind of relationship between graphic elements and subjacent data models should be implemented as an Observer pattern (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observer_pattern).

Getting started with PM2 is straightforward, it is offered as a simple and intuitive CLI, installable via NPM.

As a result, let's say JList includes as following data: X1 X2 X2 After pressing on JButton, an item in JList must be renamed to "Y". S.: I tried to include the following procedure to Abstract List Model, but it didn't help: public void set Value At(int i) { values Your set Value looks OK as far as it goes, but there's no way for the JList to know that you've done that, so it doesn't update itself.

When I add the password the JList gets updated on the pane only.

When I switch back to the other tab "password vault" it has not been updated. I use a field so it's not an issue of local variables.

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