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So I just got a picture of a seal and put a red line through it and put it underneath my board.

Your kids could listen to it, even though I hope they wouldn’t ‘get’ most of it.

" It's an awful lot like Coop's big, romantic speech to Katie in Yesss — another fridge-humping callback, much more explicit than the last. He raises his mug to her; she tries to do the same with the can she's holding (er, Mitch), but accidentally tosses it away.

In this episode, Gene actually walks up to the appliance, says "hello, baby" and starts to get to work before he's knocked down by the Falcon.

Janeane Garofalo is known for biting standup, stints on SNL, The Larry Sanders Show and The West Wing, and her pioneering contributions to Air America Radio. Garofalo also continues her standup routine, performing five shows on April 17-19, at Comix (“Don’t let the name fool you. Recently, I spoke with her by phone at 8AM; only at the end of the interview did we realize that we were both on the west coast and had both woken early just to be courteous. Like ‘I went through all this, so here are my demands’? At first I passed on it because of the right-wing nature of a couple of the writers.

Amy, ever since the fist moment I saw you, I've felt a strong connection between us. Cool, but as I've gotten to know you better, my affection towards you has only intensified. Nancy's reply: "Let me know if you need a diaphragm.Sharks attack surfers because they look like a seal. Apparently, when you’re layng on your board and you have your arms and legs hanging off, from underneath you look like a seal. That being series creator and self-described “right-wing nut job” Joel Surnow… Show–so by definition she’s completely awesome–but what were your dealings with Surnow like? He’s completely right wing, which you just have to deal with and realize what you’re dealing with. Not only am I not qualified to hold any office, I would not be interested in going into politics. Al Franken probably thought the same thing when he was your age. I would say thank you, you flatter me, but I am highly unqualified. You’ve collaborated onstage and on TV with Henry Rollins several times – do you ever have moments, when you’re working with him, where suddenly you go, holy shit, I’m hanging out with Henry Rollins! He himself, I doubt, believes half the shit he says. Have you ever thought about running for political office? A deadpan send-up of '70s and '80s summer-camp movies, co-written by Michael Showalter and David Wain, of MTV's short-lived sketch comedy troupe The State, and directed by Wain.

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