Jakob dylan dating

It is the kind of record that, despite its apparent simplicity and austerity, opens up with repeated listens.

And it is perhaps all the more remarkable because the Dylan in question is not Bob but his youngest son, Jakob."For the kind of work I'm in," says Jakob, weighing his words carefully, "if you're a songwriter, if you really mean business, it's inevitable you're gonna arrive at the place where you just want to pare it back and do something primitive.

After all, he could have changed his name to put people off the scent.

Equal month of year comes new goals cams registration adults web no free and values through the rhetoric same-sex marriage jakob murphy dylan debate was already having a great.And yet as A-listed chats to Jakob at his home in Los Angeles, he seems like the kind of guy who takes it all in his stride.He did, by his own admission, have "a very comfortable upbringing" but - hey! And if his mum, Sara Lowndes, is Dylan's famous Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands then he's cool with that too.But as far as he's concerned having a superstar dad is neither a blessing nor a curse."I don't know that it's either," he confirms. The only way that it's beneficial to me is that I have insights into music that some people don't, but other than that I can't do much with it."When I began making music, I had this thought the name wasn't going to be that big a deal."I was WRONG about that."Far from giving up before he started, Jakob turned the avid interest in his family into something that motivates him."I think the name itself worked against me," he has declared. "When I was a kid, he was a god to me for all the right reasons. And he's still affectionate to me."And for a man like Bob Dylan, who has been producing such massively influential music over the last 40 years, it is perhaps inevitable that there are points where he'd hear a little bit of himself in his son's songwriting.I say it as any kid who admired his dad and had a great relationship with him. But when it comes down to it, Jakob is adamant he NEVER writes to please his father."I do think there are certain things that he'll recognise," says Jakob. I'm educated enough to know some things I've done are not necessarily the kind of music he always responds to."But I'm always excited for him to hear the music, and he's always encouraging, and always has been."You get the feeling that Jakob's new album is something his dad would approve of."Its no secret that I grew up around records that are benchmarks for everybody, but if dad wasn't in the picture, people might say this kind of reminds them of (Paul Simon's) Rhymin' Simon or (Bruce Springsteen's) Nebraska.

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