Is dating a good friend a good idea


Luckily, though, we were able to go back to being friends again afterwards.Jake is hilariously funny, whip-smart and incredibly sweet.What if you have a messy break-up and then lose your best friend? The transition from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend worked on shows like , but real life is a bit trickier than a sitcom.We talked to David Coleman, author of Date Smart, Making Relationships Matter!We listened to Sam Cooke, Patsy Cline and Department of Eagles (along with a mix that Arlo Pumpernickel made me for the trip).It was a gorgeous, idyllic, relaxing weekend--and the company was hard to beat.But if they keep referring to you as like a sibling to them or talking about other people they are attracted to, you should hold back. Think about the future Both of you should have the same expectations.If one of you thinks the relationship will be more serious than the other, problems will arise. It’s for a couple to gauge whether they have a connection and find out whether they share interests and ideals.

Those of you who have been reading the blog from the get-go might recall that Jake and I were best of friends for a year (while we were living in D. and then we tried to date each other for a while, which wasn't such a great idea.

How do you know if you actually have romantic feelings for your closest guy friend, or if you just enjoy his company?

In other words: do you like him, or do you like him? It’s easy to want your cute guy friend who makes you laugh harder than anyone to turn into your boyfriend, but remember: a cute guy does not a boyfriend make.

Your male best friend is someone you feel comfortable around, someone who knows the real you.

But is the transition from just friends to “in a relationship,” worth the risk?

I even took her to prospect camp last week and she had a blast there w/ me.

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