Is bridget moynahan still dating mcg

“[This film] was a great opportunity to try something new, yet I felt like it had enough comedy that it felt fresh,” Reese recently told Reuters.“Combining it with this very viable spy story made it feel new.The couple dated for a long time but the affair could be permanent.Soon, after her affair with Scott Rosenberg, she began dating Tom Brady, NFL quarterback. However, the couple made an amicable split on mutual grounds.

She has never taken the wedding vows and hence, never went through divorce.Actress Bridget Moynahan has struck up a new Hollywood romance after reportedly finding love with director Mc G.The I, Robot star has previously dated screenwriter Scott Rosenberg and has a three-year-old son with football God Tom Brady, born after they split and he had become involved with his now-wife Gisele Bundchen.Moynahan sparked rumors of a new romance when she accompanied the Charlie's Angels director to a charity tennis tournament in California recently and is now said to be in a relationship with the moviemaker.A source tells Life & Style magazine, "Bridget and Mc G have been dating for a few months.Although the two have not publicized their relationship yet, but the heated romantic dinner at Los Angeles and sweet vacation in Mexico make them the most unexpected couple of 2011.

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