Is akshaye khanna dating dating other men


So he started trending when a Twitter user with the handle @clueless_samira wrote to Rahul: "I ask Rahul khanna to marry me! One is a celebrated actor, and the other is a popular actor-turned-columnist.

In the film, Sridevi will feature as the protagonist, a mother, who is seeking revenge for injustice done to her daughter.Actress Sridevi is all set to return to the big screen with MOM, directed by Ravi Udyawar.Today, the 53-year-old actress shared a new poster from her upcoming film.He explains, “My dad was a huge star but our parents made a conscious decision to keep us quite removed from that world and his work was always something he left at the door when he came home.” Also, “the additional geographical disconnect of living in south Bombay” and not the north where most of the film industry is based, also came into play.Rahul’s parents split when both he and his brother were quite young and the two lived with their mother, so other than “occasional visits” to his father’s film sets, they didn’t really have access to the film world.Rahul, with almost the same number of films to his credit as the years he spent in the industry, has made his own mark on the silver screen over the course of his decade-long journey.

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