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Car insurance is a necessity for every Australian car owner but like applying for a car loan, offering misleading information could land you in hot water, and in this case invalidate your car insurance premium altogether.In the year to March 31 2014, gross written premiums for domestic motor vehicles amounted to .87 million across the country, according to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s March 2014 Quarterly General Insurance Performance Statistics.With premiums mounting some may chance their luck and look to cut corners and costs on their car insurance policy but you’ll be kicking tyres at the car yard if you end up paying off a car loan for a vehicle you can’t use due to damage your insurance company won’t cover.Don’t invalidate your car insurance by making these foolish mistakes!Police say that many people forget to lock up properly, leaving their property vulnerable to burglary.

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More alarmingly perhaps is that one in three people admit to leaving doors unlocked when they leave the house and six per cent hide spare keys near their front door.While some may think leaving doors unlocked is a trivial action, by not securing your property efficiently, you’ll not only risk burglary, you’ll also risk invalidating your home insurance.If there is no evidence of a forced entry and it appears a burglar strolled in through an unlocked door, your home insurer may refuse to meet your claim.• Driving without glasses, where these are necessary to guarantee normal vision, can easily invalidate cover.This is also a motoring offence because it invalidates your driving licence.Fronting If you bend the truth by listing someone, such as an older and more experienced driver, as your primary driver in order to pay lower premiums, you might find yourself bang out of luck when making a claim for a secondary driver.

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