Intimidating shout focus

Hopefully this helps a lot of warriors, be they new to Pv P or battle-hardened veterans.For a lot of my macros where I swap my equipment, I use the equipment manager and /equipset with the name of the set i make.(“shift” and “ctrl” can be substituted for alt if they fit your playstyle better) https://v=f7kv8CCqt Tc Hey guys, I’ve been receiving many emails asking for custom macros.

Shield Wall:#showtooltip shield wall/equipset Defense/cast shield block/cast shield wall/stopattack/cast [nostance:2] defensive stance(Hit macro twice if you are in Battle or Zerker Stance)With the upcoming changes in patch 4.2, the shift to Defensive Stance is not a must. Intervene#showtooltip Intervene/cast Defensive Stance/cast [nomod, @Party1] Intervene/cast [mod : shift, @Party2] Intervene This is just really invaluable in Arena.I was adviced something along the lines of this elsewhere: /targetnearesttarget /cast intimidating shout /targetlasttarget I wonder though, if u can use targetnearesttarget like this?: /cast [target=nearesttarget] intimidating shout or is this only for specific player names/creature names?Was wondering if anyone knows a way (Macro) to trick intimidating shout to work as an aoe fear like psychic scream?It could be quite nifty for cc like focus-intercept/charge to a caster casting to stop his cast and then do fear onto him without actually targetting him in order to stop him from casting for around 7 secs total (Assuming you are dps'ing his alli and not him).However, the 10% damage reduction in D-Stance is good to have if you are going defensive anyways. Intervene to your team mates without targetting them.

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