Intimidating names for teams


GREEN GRASSHOPPERS GREEN GRENADES GREEN HORNETS GREEN JAGUARS GREEN LAZERS GREEN LIGHTNING GREEN MACHINE GREEN MARBLES GREEN PYTHONS GREEN RAPTORS GREEN RATTLERS GREEN RAZOR LAZERS GREEN ROCKETS GREEN SHARKS GREEN SHOOTING STARS GREEN SMASHERS GREEN THUNDER GREEN TIGERS GREEN TORNADOES GREEN TURBO TURTLES GREEN VENOM GREEN VIPERS GREEN VULTURES GREY SHARKS GREY WOLVES GREYHOUNDS GRINCHES GROOVY GIRLS GRRRR GT GUNNERS GORGEOUS GRIZZLIES H H2O H. WAVE HAMMERHEAD SHARKS HAMMERHEADS HAWKS HEARTBREAKERS HEAT HEATWAVE HER-RICANES HER.Accelerators Adrenaline Aftershock Air Force Airborne Aliens All-Americans Alley Cats Alliance Amazons Ambassadors American Idols Angels Apaches Aristocats Arrows Articwolves Asteroids Astros Attitude Avalanche Aztecs Ball Hogs Bandits Barracudas Bears Beavers Bengals Black Ice Black Jacks Black Magic Black Widows Blackhawks Blasters Blaze Blitz Blizzard Blue Angels Blue Blaze Blue Bombers Blue Crew Blue Devils Blue Frogs Blue Heat Blue Ice Blue Jays Blue Lightning Blue Marlins Blue Meanies Blue Thunder Bluebirds Bratz Breeze Broncos Buccaneers Bulldogs Burgundy Babes Caliente Cardinals Cascade Cavaliers Challengers Chargers Cheetahs Cherry Bombers Chiefs Chili Clash Coasters Cobras Comets Condors Constrictors Cool Cats Cosmos Cougars Coyotes Crackerjacks Crew Crossfire Crunch Crush Crushers Cyberladies Cyclones Daredevils Deal with the Teal Defeeters Desert Flames Desperados Destroyers Devils Diablos Diamonds Diamondbacks Dirt Devils Dirt Diamonds Dolphins Dominators Doves Dragons Dream Team Ducks Dynamite Dynamos Falcons Fear Fever Fillies Fire Fire 'n' Ice Fire Giants Fireballs Firebirds Firecrackers Firestorm Flames Flash Fog Footloose Force Forza Foxes Foxtrotters Freedom Frost Giants Furies Fury Fusion Magic Marlins Matrix Mavericks Medusa Megabites Menace Mercury Mermaids Meteorites Mighty Ducks Mighty M & M's Mirage Mist Mohawks Mohicans Momentum Monsoon Moody Maidens Mosquitos Motherlode Mountain Lions Mustangs Mystery!

GRAPE BALLS OF FIRE GRASS RATS GRASS STAINS GRASSHOPPERS GRAVEDIGGERS GRAY SHARKS GRAY HAWKS GREAT WHITE SHARKS GREATWHITES GREEN ALIENS GREEN BLAZERS GREEN BOMBERS GREEN BULLETS GREEN COBRAS GREEN DEVILS GREEN DOLPHINS GREEN DRAGON GREEN DRAGONS GREEN ELIMINATORS GREEN EXTREME GREEN FROGS GREEN GALAXY GREEN GATORS GREEN GECKO’ S GREEN GIANTS GREEN GLADIATORS GREEN GOBLINS .That's to say, if a team is named after an animal, thing or a group of people, it's like to be on here.This is the reasoning behind seeing the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints representing the NFL.Nothing is quite as important as having a kickass team name for kickball. Keep in mind that when picking a team name, most league rules will disallow names that reference or implicate a political agenda, issue, candidate, elected official or religion.You will be able to get away with innuendo but any overt alcohol, drug or sexual reference will also be disallowed.This list has been culled from actual WAKA team names, so do not be surprised if you see a couple of these team names in your league. Add it to the comments and I will add it to this list.

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