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“I knew at one point after the surgery I could not have kids, I was not having my period.

I've had conversations with some intersex acquaintances recently about painful situations in which (nonintersex) people have accused my friends of not "really" being intersex.

My parents had struggled for years to have children—my mother had suffered through three miscarriages and a stillbirth—and all that time, through all those tears, they prayed and prayed for a healthy baby. After five weeks of study and surgery, they weren't any closer to the truth; mine was a fuzzy picture. You have a son, you have a daughter, you take him or her home, and you get on with your life, period.

Not even the almighty gene provided any clear answers, since it was discovered that I was a mosaic, with some cells in my body having the XY genotype and others having XO. Consciously, deliberately "raising me female"—it's like consciously, deliberately breathing.

I imagine memories of me, all those special Kodak moments, all captured in my mother's mind in eerie photonegative.

I don't know how my father felt or feels about it; he has never spoken about it except to reinterpret my mother's feelings.

Odiele recently revealed that she is intersex and is hoping to give a voice to people who are often in the shadows.

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