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These children will grow up with increased psychological stress, which is already severe enough during maturation. D.) and medical doctor, believes that the properly adjusted child passes through a period of satellization.The child will meet with unacceptance from both social groups of the parents. The phase of satellization is one of parental identification for the child.

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When you step out of your comfort zone, a result is increased knowledge and confidence.I'm am an Israeli Jewish while my wife is Buryat-Mongolian.Since we both come from the same Russian cultural and lingual background, we don't have some of the challenges that other interracial couples cope with.Inter-racial dating, which may lead to inter-racial marriage, is certainly improper, immoral, and unnecessary.The most pressing issue of concern is the probable results of such unions...mulatto children.Check out some of the pros and cons below: Before you take the leap into interracial dating, be sure that you and your partner are well aware of the challenges involved, so you don't get caught unawares by the cold response from some people.

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