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I consider changing the subject, but isn’t this the point of dating someone from the Ivy League? “And that disqualifies me from commenting on my own race?

” I’m looking at her, studying the way her idealistic conviction seems to be coming into conflict with her southern propriety and attraction to me. “But I just think it’s more constructive to focus on the positive things the black community has at its disposal rather than perpetuate a compounding victim narrative that makes a group of people think they’re doomed before they even try to achievesuccess.” This date turned Senate hearing drags on, and in spite of how painfully awkward it gets, Leslie never wavers or wants to change the subject. Even I have my limits for social discomfort, though, and eventually, recognizing the need for some sort of peace offering, I flag down our waiter and order two shots of Maker’s.

On Monday, the actor posted the following fairly no-nonsense tweet addressing the rumours.

But that didn't stop a surprising amount of people from believing Elba and Madonna had consciously coupled following some published rumors and a 'gram from the Queen of Pop featuring some behind-the-scenes action from the forthcoming docuseries Early Monday, Elba hit us with a tweet clarifying whisperings of coupledom.

that stated that they “only had eyes for each other” (what a tabloid line!

) — and kissed “passionately” — at a party following his kickboxing debut.

However, it remains unclear if they are an item." data-reactid="47" alum’s love life has been a hot topic this year.

But with so many divorces in Hollywood, some stars choose to remain legally single their whole lives — or vow to never make the same mistake again.

I give my lower lip what I hope appears to be a flirtatious bite in an attempt to keep my face from fully telegraphing my ire.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out with someone who shares my love of that Netflix show with Idris Elba, and I’m tired of watching it alone.

Over the weekend, rumors swirled that Idris Elba and Madonna were dating. That seemed very, very clear.” It was said that the two were out celebrating after the actor’s first boxing match for Discovery Network International's limited series "Idris Elba: Fighter." That same night, Madonna fueled the rumors when she took to social media documenting the fight night on Instagram and Snapchat, praising the actor with the caption, "Idris Elba Smashes it at York Hall!

The two were reportedly spotted cozying up and kissing each other at London’s M Restaurant at 3 a.m. The Sun reported, "There was nothing subtle about it, no attempt to hide. ” The singer continued posting photos in the locker room, one with her lying next to Idris joking, “I kicked his butt.” When rumors began to get out of hand, Elba took to Twitter Monday morning to shut down any speculation.

She’s the kind of girl who’d attended an actual debutante ball growing up (“just for show,” she insisted). “Give me those,” I demand with a grin, reaching underneath the table to feel what, I now realize, are in fact some very moist mitts. We’re in tune with one anotherracism.” At this, I release the fingers. ” I ask, now going for my deconstructed tequila sunrise.

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