How to avoid dating a jerk


I just want to thank you so much for writing this book!I have been in two serious relationships in my short 19 years of living, one bad, the other horrible.For the all the ladies out there who discovered that the men they adored were two-timers, lushes, liars, cheap, slobs, emotionally unavailable, or unable to hold a coherent conversation during Monday Night Football – it’s time to put all that behind you and start fresh. So take a deep breath and decide to do the hard work up front so that you can move forward with confidence.1. Don't begin your relationships like the Indy 500. These rules may not be easy– but neither are broken hearts.Even if his texts are sweet and your time together is even sweeter, keep your head and heart working together by not committing to a guy before you know his story.

Look for the tricks that are secret and special to just the two of you — that's how you know it's the real deal.

During this probation period ask some big-time questions: Get to know him and his story first, and be honest about what you discover.

Find out if he’s worth the commitment, or not worth the time involved to get another broken heart. Ask a respected and trusted friend to read it and give you some feedback.

You've always thought of yourself as someone who likes sex, with a perfectly healthy libido and a good dose of curiosity and willingness to try new things.

But then you meet this apparent sex maniac, and you start feeling broken.

Mistakes are a valuable part of life experience (in fact, that's something we've been thinking about a lot lately). In the interest of learning from experience, we've put together four bona fide archetypes of the species known as Jerk.

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