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John Lithgow is bringing along a very special guest when he makes a return appearance as Barney's Dad: A wife!

Fans will meet Cheryl, Barney's super sweet stepmother who is bringing along two kids of her own. Looks like someone in NYC is getting a tattoo as the show is currently looking to fill the role of Louis, a hip and cool tattoo artist. The whole Cece-Schmidt-Elizabeth love triangle will definitely come to a head (and an end) in tonight's episode, with Nick and Jess both getting involved.

For tips on how to do this with tact, we talked to Nick Savoy, president of Love Systems, who clued us in on how to turn a smartphone into the ultimate tool for keeping an LDR alive.

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"We try to have a spin on it that's a little different than what you expect, and also there's a connection to some of our characters that you've already met," Adam Horowitz teases. But by the end of the second episode, Saul will have done something much worse to Carrie, and we're not sure if those two will ever get past his actions.

Your 800 Bill to Credit Card account will give callers the opportunity to increase the length of their call before time runs out thereby extending the call without hanging up!

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So, you’ve found a certain someone on LOVOO and you’re ready to take things to the next level – it’s time to finally start a chat with them.

Of course, you want to make a good first impression (because, this could be the one, right?

They don’t know that your sex joke is just that – a joke.

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