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In addition, the TUB camera® is never limited by the length of the area to be monitored (a market exclusivity).Owing to the invisibility of the system, it doesn’t threaten the general public, whilst remaining invisible to people acting in a suspect way, and who believe they are doing so without being monitored.The CNC tool bar guides you nearly automatically in only 6 steps from CAD to CNC file.Example files, movies and training sheets provide guide lines for starters and advanced users.Dropped your ring down the plughole again or is the pipe blocked?This tiny camera on a bendable 1 m long gooseneck sheds light on even the darkest bend.Occasionally weather conditions will prevent us from showing more than one or two images due to obscured views.

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It is perfectly adapted to the following environments: warehouses, supermarkets, train stations, car parks, factories…With the new Tube Park we’ve added steeper lanes with more speed and lanes with rollers and whoop-dee-doos!You'll ride inside one of our Magic Carpets keeping the weather out. The intensity of the 4 LEDs on the camera can be regulated and ensures correct lightning. Our cameras run 24 hours a day and automatically updates every 5 minutes with a new image (based on our current connection).In a preview dialog the custom parameters can be evaluated showing the curve approximation and number of elements.

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