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Just as she stepped outside her bedroom and into the hallway, she heard it - the muffled sounds, the low groaning, undeniable sounds of intimacy coming from her fathers bedroom. Jen heard a careless giggle as her father presumably smacked her ass. She knew Kate liked her father, she commented occasionally on his good looks, but to actually fuck him! She landed her ass on the carpet, just next to the bedroom door. Jens initial rage had however given way to something else. Jen realised that she was being aroused by hearing the two of them fucking. If they were going to fuck would they not have done it when she wasnt in the house? She lowered her hand into her knickers and began to massage her pussy. Naked, she quietly made her way back to the bedroom door and sat down again. A forty six year old man gets to fuck a twenty year old girl, Jens daddy had hit the jackpot. , she turned over, giggled, and fell into a deep sleep.

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She calculated that she had been asleep for just over two hours. As he reached his climax Kate whispered fuck me daddy, come inside me! Both Kate and Jens dad were writhing in orgasmic pleasure as Kates body was flooded with his hot spurts of semen.

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Please read parts 1 - 7 to understand the full story up to this point. This is the true story of my friend, let's call him Sidney, the fat so underdog who always got teased, yet got lucky to get devirginaized by the sexiest older woman alive.

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