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I have taken some pictures of two of them and was hoping for some help. All the bottles that I have seen that are new seem to have this string.Do different "vintages" have the string vs no string closure? The link to the picture of your Guerlain Chamade EDC bottle doesn't seem to be working. If you google Patou 1000 and select images you should be able to see some pictures that look like your bottle.I'm a 28 y/o male (in LA fwiw) trying to start dating for the first time. I will certainly give online dating a shot, but I know I also need to supplement that with traditional dating, or going out, especially if I'd like a girlfriend as soon as possible.However the problem I'm having with regards to going out is that I'm having trouble getting myself to do it.It seems to be a little too far out of my comfort zone.I think the issue is that I seem to be completely incapable of having fun.

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My mom loved perfume and had a huge collection of perfumes -- she always smelled great (First was her poison of choice).

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If anyone has any ideas about the age or how to identify we'd really appreciate the feedback!

I found an 1856 Nueva Granada (pre-Colombia) silver 1/2 decimo with my AT Pro.

I'm hoping for some help with a couple of our finds.

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