Heavenly playgirl dating sim angelo about me on a dating website

Talk to guys, earn points by choosing the right dialogue, and get a happy end. If it’s too high when you finish, you won’t get the good end. Because of this, it’s best to focus on only one guy if you want to get a good ending.

You earn points with the guys by choosing the correct dialogue options, giving them gifts, and going out on dates.

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They also stemmed from superstitions that would frustrate me- like having to wear slippers in the washroom or not holding a knife at night time.

Heavenly Playgirl is the first flash dating sim created by deviant ART user Topaz Shrine. She hasn’t seen a great example of love in her parents, and because of this, she dates around. Gameplay: This flash dating sim is very similar to Pacthesis’ games in structure. If you go on dates with more than one guy, or revert back to your playgirl ways, your sin meter goes up.

Change her playgirl ways and fall in love after five weeks or she won’t be permitted to enter heaven.

Once you get so many points, you can get the guy’s event scene. Once you get that, the dialogue options will change.

It’s a bit like working your way up through levels of a relationship.

I needed a job and personally needed to no longer feel like an outsider looking in.

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