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Monophonic attachment keyboard instrument, intended to accompany the pianos with lead voice of organ and orchestral sound.

It consists of two units — a 3-octave mini keyboard attaching under the piano keyboard, and a tone cabinet including electronic sound generator, amplifier and loudspeaker.

But occasionally a veteran can be seen holding court at the console, grabbing a handful of drawbars while the Leslie spools up.

The Hammond - starting to rumble - a full-hand slowly ascending glissando - the expression pedal floored - feet pumping furiously - now the Hammond is a full-throated roar - the Leslie a screaming dervish - eyes closed - arms extended - clinching a two-handed altered dominant chord on both manuals...

Welcome to the Hammond organ and Leslie speaker Frequently Answered Questions - a source of information, myth and lore regarding all things Hammond and Leslie for seasoned elders, new converts, skeptics, and visitors alike.

It is hoped that among the fanatical ravings herein will be found real, actual, useful information.

It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has.

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A simple dictionary definition of the instrument is "an electric organ with two keyboards, electronic tone generation, and a wide variety of tone colors." The age of your Hammond can be determined by checking various components against a master list.

The plate is most often located on a shelf in the rear of the organ or in the lower right hand corner of the cabinet in the back of the instrument.

In the case where an instrument has a rear cover, it may be necessary to carefully remove the cover and locate the metal plate on the lower or upper shelf inside the organ.

The information in this FAQ was collected from various sources, but most of the good stuff came from postings to the Hammond Technical Mailing List.

(1) The sound of the Hammond organ has been somewhat absent in popular recordings of the previous decade or so.

Two 44 note keyboards and 12 short pedals (found on very early models) Two 44 note keyboards and 13 short pedals Two 37 note keyboards and 13 short pedals Two 49 note keyboards and 13 short pedals Two 61 note keyboards and 13 short pedals On the newer organs, starting in the 70's Hammond got smart and made it easier than pulling the organ away from the wall.

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