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Of course, they are in no way related to the major dating portals.

Responsible sites care about their reputation and regularly check their users, while on the contrary spam emphasizes that registration is not required on the sites being advertised.

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Mini Med Ambassador and retired pro golfer Carling Nolan discusses meeting and falling in love with John, someone who was a huge support for her and her diabetes.

She ultimately married John and talks about how she planned for her wedding while living with diabetes.

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Hear from Karen, who has been living with diabetes since she was 11, about the best ways she gets her husband involved in her diabetes management.

Do you have a unique or funny love story that relates to diabetes? And, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, we hope it’s great!

However, it tends to be a bit excessive at whereas other dating sites are less in your face with their ads. After using it for a while, though, I can honestly say that it is really more geared towards men who are looking for a mail order bride as opposed to women who are looking for a groom.

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