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Opponents of DRVCS contend that video surveillance compromises residents’ privacy and dignity, invites staff resistance, and captures images that may be used by government agencies and plaintiff counsel.The installation, maintenance, and operation of DRVCS are also regarded as prohibitively expensive.Ideally, Microsoft wants everyone to convert their old Windows apps to be UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, which are adaptable to different input methods and display sizes.

Mary speculates that the Qualcomm part, most likely to be marketed as the Snapdragon 830, would contain hardware that better supports virtualisation.

Cameras can also allow adult children to observe if parents’ needs are being met, which builds confidence in the care provided by the organization.

On the other side, providers say cameras are invitations for lawsuits, can expose organizations to cyber risk, can invade the privacy of residents and have the potential for negative staffing implications if employees decide they don’t want to work under constant scrutiny.

The technology can also stop residents’ risky behavior.

For example, the technology allows providers to observe if a resident gets out of bed without assistance, which could lead to falls-related injuries.

These chips support the x86/AMD64 instruction sets natively, and could (and probably would) have powered a Surface Phone.

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