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The honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you NEVER want to forget.That’s why our printable journal is the perfect item to add to a honeymoon essentials list!Meanwhile Oscar-winner Leonardo Di Caprio’s beloved vape pen is back – the actor was spotted openly vaping on an electric cigarette at the SAG Awards.

Also included are three days at the £800-a-night Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como.

If a guy knows it's there, should he be the first to ask to introduce those toys — or should it come from the girl?

"They're her toys," says Dominic, 26, "so she should be the one to want to use them. I don't care what people say, but manners matter — especially when it comes to your sex drawer.""Okay, you've got sex toys, and the person you're sleeping with obviously knows that they're there too. So, I don't think it matters at all just who suggests it’s time to use them.

This type of science is controversial, linked to discredited Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso who argued that criminals were more primitive than the rest of us, with differently shaped skulls and asymmetrical facial bones.

Their study states: ‘Unlike a human examiner/judge, a computer vision algorithm or classifier has absolutely no subjective baggages, having no emotions, no biases whatsoever due to past experience, race, religion, political doctrine, gender, age, etc, no mental fatigue, no preconditioning of a bad sleep or meal.’Dr Leandro Minku, a computer science lecturer at the University of Leicester, said the difference in facial features, including a narrower angle from criminals’ nose to the corners of their mouth, might be explained by non-criminals being more likely to smile slightly in photographs.

Record sweet memories on the printable pages and store keepsakes, like ticket stubs and photos, in the pocket pages.

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