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Welcome to the Ship Modeler's Review List: an ambitious (perhaps futile and/or insane) attempt by various members of the model ship community to catalog and review every plastic and resin model ship kit of all time.

This list was created by Rajendra Datta ([email protected]).

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We have gathered 27 Examples of Good Dating Profile Headlines that can show your unique personality Elements of a Bad Dating Tagline & Examples of Bad Dating Profile Taglines 1.

Luke relates the story of Jesus and the church to events in contemporary Palestinian (Lk 1:5; 3:1–2; Acts 4:6) and Roman (Lk 2:1–2; 3:1; Acts ; 18:2, 12) history for, as Paul says in Acts , “this was not done in a corner.” Finally, Luke relates the story of Jesus and the church to contemporaneous church history.

Luke is concerned with presenting Christianity as a legitimate form of worship in the Roman world, a religion that is capable of meeting the spiritual needs of a world empire like that of Rome.

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Luke’s story of Jesus and the church is dominated by a historical perspective. God’s divine plan for human salvation was accomplished during the period of Jesus, who through the events of his life (Lk ) fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies (Lk ; ; ; –27, 44), and this salvation is now extended to all humanity in the period of the church (Acts ).

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