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Gold rush San Francisco had its own version of this mythology: that of the bawdy pioneer prostitute.

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Levi Strauss, of course, made his name by supplying miners with denim clothing.

In one of the boldest examples of American entrepreneurialism, Sam Brannan made a fortune by thinking outside the box: He profited from the gold hunters, rather than the gold itself. Sutter’s tactic had been to try and keep the gold a secret, but for Brannan “publicity was the key deal — it would bring people to California, and bring people to his stores,” says H. Brands, author of Brannan struck it rich by profiting from the ensuing mania, which drove local prices for basic supplies from shovels to eggs through the roof.

One of the first to learn about the lucky find, Brannan, who owned a couple of general stores as well as the newspaper in the young city of San Francisco, purchased every pot, pan and shovel in the city before he spread the news that May by running through the streets, screaming, “Gold! Although most descended on the West Coast hoping to find the shiny stuff themselves, several others would later follow Brannan’s model of indirect profit-making.

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