Gibson dating system


These inked numbers have been the subject of ongoing debate, however, it now appears they are mainly from 1980 & 1981.

Inked numbers are discussed separately below the main list.

A similar confusion also arises with "Inked Numbers" for dates 1980-1981 vs. Over the years quite a few have turned up with the SN simply stamped in black ink (ie NOT impressed).

(formerly Gibson Guitar Corp.) is an American manufacturer of guitars, other musical instruments, and consumer and professional electronics now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins.

Note: Custom shop guitars are not supported The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories.

For guitars made prior to 1977 use the extended search function.In particular, SN=00xxxxx (ie beginning with two zeros) may indicate either 1980 or 2000.So far the only way to distinguish these guitars is either from their fittings, or from general signs of ageing. A blue-chip prospect out of Wisconsin, Gibson was once the heaviest player in NFL history, officially weighing in at 410 pounds in 2002 with the Dallas Cowboys.Gibson had thought for years that his overeating could lead to gout or diabetes, knowing that a loss of a toe could come with them."Women produced nearly 25,000 guitars during World War II yet Gibson denied ever building instruments over this period," according to a 2013 history of the company.

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