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It’s like going to church every Sunday and always hearing that you’re a sinner and will be going to hell if… So, I’m going to say a few things about Ghanaian women [again]. This is for those who are a bit clueless about all these women walking around Accra (or Ghana).

I’d say something about Ghanaian men, but I’ve found most (after meeting them) are not impressive – even the few ones who like wear their Yale/Harvard degrees like it’s the be-all/end-all.

Honestly, I’d barely remember what I’d write 24 hours after it’s posted. Thankfully, I’m sure they won’t get through a line of that long essay.

I would add, though, that I’m a bit…ok, a lot concerned about what google knows about me now. These guys probably know far more about you and me than all the people we know in this world. Anyway, some of those search queries and several email questions I’ve gotten about Ghanaian women inspired this entry.

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