Georgia bbb great expectations dating scam


Employees do it among each other but then have to listen to you pretend and be super high energy sales-y toward them in meetings every week. Cons The commission structure is totally were structured based on a full months sales. Unless you're a top performer, expect your base pay (which I still emphasize is acceptable)Pros Love the ability to change peoples lives daily, Excellent support from management, ongoing training, I am able to make a 6 figure income and it is like running my own business within a huge supportive environment everyday. Managers have weekly 1-1 and they are always positive mannered when giving constructive criticism and EVERYONE is in constant communication but not on a micromanaging level.

I don't understand why as I would have thought that there would definately be positive feedback if nothing else. I am agree with some of the people that says they try to sell the membership like a sales man at a Car Dealesrship.Well, here's catch number one: the cost is 00 per year... They're not at all selective in their clientele; they'll take anyone who'll pay the fee, and they assume people are so desperate that they'll overlook things like age, race, and religion. Granted, there's no way of knowing if the stories on are representative, but what's even scarier is reading the "insider" stories from the franchisees, who seem to verify that the business practices are shady at best.Oh, and by the way, there have been lawsuits filed by customers against the franchisees, and by franchisees against the parent company."It's Just Lunch" seems to be not too different from older (pre-Internet) dating services like "Together" and "Great Expectations"...Nowadays, things like Internet dating and speed dating are commonplace, and people seem open to the idea of meeting strangers.Why can't we just set it up ourselves and do it for free?Personally, I would answer that the world's best matchmaker is my sister-in-law, Patti, who lives in Arlington, Texas.

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