Geek dating questions


Has Abby killed Kane yet for saving her life against her wishes?

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“We’ve created the first mobile platform designed for unexpected and constructive flirting,” Lee tells Geek Wire.

Once you’ve found the nerd of your dreams, build a strong relationship by accepting them with all of their quirks and unusual passions.

to create a brand new paradigm for the coming season with each finale, this is our first time jump within a finale, and it raised more questions than it answered.

In dating, it’s important to get out of your bubble and not think of these differences as an indicator of incompatibility, but rather an opportunity to introduce your interests to someone new.

They may not end up loving it as much as you do, but as long as you are each respectful about your interests, these differences will end up being irrelevant.

Did all of that destruction just come from the death wave, or was there more? Gaia looked concerned when her mother brought Octavia out with the spinning wheel symbol on her forehead — will the grounder religion survive without the flame?

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