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From those responses 196 people said they had made a decision about a party to vote for; 62% said SNP, 12% Labour, 9% Conservatives, 7% Green Party, 4% Lib Dems, 4% UKIP, 1% Monster Raving Loony Party and 1% British National Party.said Court, who has yet to make a decision himself about who to vote for, adding that he was also surprised that support for the SNP had increased since his last poll.With ever increasingly busy lives, careers to build and events to go to romance can sometimes fall by the wayside.

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LONDON — Grindr wouldn't be the first social network you might think of using to run a political poll, but a blogger in Scotland has been contacting people on the gay dating app ahead of the UK general election to see what way they're going to vote.

Tom Court asked more than 1,000 people on Grindr in Scotland how they intend to vote in the upcoming election on May 7.

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