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He made the first move – asking for a number or simply talking to you first, if he is a Mormon or network marketer you might want to disregard this. He has asked a friend about you in the lame hopes they will tell you about it – if he does this you have my permission to torture him. ” this is not too bright, make fun of him and see if he has more personality than a squash. Trying to entertain you – he tells jokes, juggles and rips his shirt off to show you how he removed the tattoo of his ex with an angle grinder. Ignores other people when you are around – this one is pretty positive, if he is putting all his attention on you I would say that is a pretty strong sign or he is autistic? Needs to be in proximity with you – this is very fun to test, see if you can get him to chase you around a party.

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They are enthused and clearly overly zealous about you.

He flirts with me, but I can’t tell if he’s just charming in general or if it’s because he’s attracted to me and interested… As she rides the emotional roller coaster of good signs and bad signs, she becomes increasingly dependent on the guy acting a certain way or it will ruin her mood. One of the biggest reasons that I loathe having conversations with women about the signs a guy is sending is because usually people (men and women) see what they want to see and project their own meanings and interpretations onto things.

I say that because in many cases, women fall into the trap of what I call playing emotional detective. This is a trap for a few huge reasons: I’ve sat around with dudes in my living room, at barbecues and pool parties. he’s more likely the guy who was just scratching his balls twenty minutes ago and laughing at “Family Guy.” MORE: 5 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Guys Relax…

In case that he has a tendency to follow after accordingly, it means he’s very centered around you. Okay, so maybe he doesn’t gaze profoundly into your eyes.

Whenever you’re occupied with a decent discussion or talk, fold your arms, put a hand under your button, incline forward, take a beverage from your glass, and so forth. However, in the event that your guy makes delayed eye contact while blazing you an enormous smile, he’s being much more personal than most straight guys are around each other.

For example, he'll watch the waiter's gun show when he drops off your plates.

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