Fun dating ideas utah


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I was thinking maybe we could start a thread about date ideas for those living in Utah.

Concert/Show - Gives you a chance to get to know each other better but you don't have to chat the whole time. Color Me Mine Cheesy maybe, not my style but for some it works. Bar with pool table and/or other games - Light activities during dates are good, and alcohol always tends to help move things along nicely.

[Edited 11/15/2012 AM ]Karaoke, the aquarium, city creek, stroll a local park, attend a fundraiser together, shop crawl (go to a busy street -like state or redwood- park on one side then go into every store on one side, then cross the street and do the same on the other side.) Tie-dye cooking aprons. Best first date...i would say dinner with any option open.

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