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The camera also won't be able to stream images or video to your phone or controller, which makes aerial photography more or less impossible.

It should be noted that DJI's quasi-registration process has nothing to do with the US Federal Aviation Administration's very official registration process.

ABS-CBN claimed “it’s a story that will give you major Let's not forget a very important fact: his only interaction with Erich was when she obliged to take a selfie with him during what he dubbed was a “magical moment” that left a “massive imprint" on his heart.

Here is a complete stranger who thinks it’s okay for him to express his feelings publicly to a woman and expects her to appreciate it and take it without feeling uneasy.

Ayla Woodruff has been seen in his videos along with his co-star Chloe Bennet. He did, however, bring her along with him to Hawaii. Logan and Chloe seem to have chemistry, but Chloe hasn’t been appearing in Logan’s vlogs (even though she is with him in Hawaii).

Chloe’s lack of face-time could be to censor the public from their secret relationship.

Even though I know, without any doubt, my correct username and password, they just won’t let me login. Now before you go off lecturing me that it’s my “fault” (or some shit like that), for not “keeping my information up to date”…

Media outlets were just as quick to weigh in on the issue.

Or maybe things are in the “awkward phase” where they don’t have a thing at all.

Out of the 3 girls mentioned, Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul is the most realistic.

You may argue that some girls might like this kind of attention, but the point is you can’t just put all women in a box and assume they all crave for such a public gesture of love.

The fact that many other women netizens also called out the proposal is proof of that.

She was a trans woman and had not disclosed that information before having sex with Pemberton.

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