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We hire out the Hall to film makers and for events such as London Fashion Week.

Tara, a professional woman, artist, wife and mother, diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly referred to as MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder) stops taking her medication and struggles to unite her "alters" (alternate personalities.) As the seemingly disparate portions of her psyche seek to combine and peaceably co-exist, Tara, her husband, their kids, family and friends deal with the fallout, life and various morons who do not know their schizophrenia from their MPD. Such an unbelievable fact that my brain cannot accept. Nowadays it's so hard to find a good series which can complete your imaginary world.

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This series is better and better by episodes after episodes, seasons after seasons, weeks after weeks. Instead of the up-to-date shows on TV, I only watch series which have already been over.

And suddenly it's announced that it's over? United States of Tara is the only I'm following.

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