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If I said I wanted to be a singer, he never said, 'Deaf girls can't.' He just told me to sing." With time, I will learn how unusual such attitudes are."When I mentioned a deaf dentist to my deaf mother," the superintendent of Lexington, which is located in Jackson Heights, Queens, tells me, "she said, 'How good a dentist can he be if he's deaf?But people can also find problems on their doorstep if those around them don’t know sign language.Deaf woman sentenced to two years for prostitution. (Kiii News) - A Deaf woman, 44-year old Lisa Bouillon, was given a two-year sentence for prostitution on Tuesday, after she was arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer.It’s very real and, at times, I do feel invisible, which can be frustrating. ” Those are some of the dumbest questions I’ve been asked. This is where my person of color identity comes in first rather than my deafness.

Two sign language interpreters communicated each and every work to Bouillon as the first witness, an undercover police officer, testified about what led up to her arrest. It's not the first time Bouillon had been charged with prostitution.

Charismatic, self-assured and sharp, she has excellent oral skills and lip-reads well. "I've always said that I'd get to the top and open as many doors as I could for the whole Deaf community.

She speaks and signs simultaneously, which has made her a natural for communicating with the hearing world, and, therefore, an object of suspicion among the Deaf (a position made more difficult by the fact that she has, like many influential Deaf leaders, a hearing spouse). Every deaf child should know he can do anything except hear." Since 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents, Deaf of Deaf carries a certain exclusivity and prestige: Deaf of Deaf have usually grown up understanding from an early age the issues that other deaf people may not take on until much later in life. If he hadn't been deaf, he would have done big things. My mom was a pragmatist, but my father used to say I could do anything.

Bouillon has been arrested several times in the past for solicitation, and that is what led to the tough sentence.

Sign language interpreters were on hand at the Nueces County Courthouse Monday for an unusual prostitution case, in which the defendant was Deaf.

This week she talks about communicating and finding someone when you’re deaf…

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