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(WTVR) -- A civil rights activist and minister offered a message of support to the Richmond community on Wednesday. John Perkins was invited to Richmond by the non-profit organization Boaz and Ruth to celebrate its 10 years of serving the community.

Hanging over all these hypotheticals is a question about what body-camera footage : Is it a public record created by the government and available to the people, or is it personally identifiable information that’s confidential and off-limits?

The government, after all, can release town-hall-meeting minutes but not personal tax returns.

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Funding for this project was provided by the State of Idaho Department of Commerce and the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency.[gallery ids="179334,179333,179332"] (CNN) — The best thing about flying? Maybe you spotted a Ryan Gosling clone in the departure lounge who set your heart aflutter. You board the plane and find your dream girl/guy isn’t seated anywhere near you. Thanks to Virgin America’s not at all creepy new service, passengers can use the airline’s “Red” in-flight entertainment system to send a drink, meal or snack to the object of their affection. Follow up with a text sent through the seat-to-seat messaging system. “This Bud’s for you, sexy lady.” “Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off? The big man himself helped introduce the new feature with a video titled, “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky.” “I’m not a betting man, but I’d say your chance of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50%,” he concludes.Or perhaps that mysterious tattooed woman who set off the metal detectors with all her piercings caught your fancy. So, once you’ve pinpointed your designated hottie with Virgin’s digital seat map, what comes next? Maybe he looks like a Bombay Sapphire kind of a guy. ” Virgin America launched the new seat-to-seat delivery option this week to mark the start of its Los Angeles to Las Vegas service, though it’s available on all of the airline’s U. The only problem we foresee is a surge in the number of passengers prowling up and down the aisles “going to the bathroom” for a fourth and fifth time.If a police officer has a hostile encounter with a teenager on the street, but neither of them are badly injured, does the teenager have a right to see video of the incident recorded from the officer’s body camera?If an officer is invited inside the home of a domestic-violence victim, will that victim be able to tell the cop not to record?"If we look closely at Boaz and Ruth, it could become a model of black and white, the rich and poor working together to build something very positive in one community that could be a prototype of what we can carry to other communities." Perkins speaks to communities across the country about how they can establish community development ministries. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development and co-founder of the Christian Community Development Association.

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