Free live hacked cams

But by providing public access to these devices -- including CCTV networks in shops and baby monitors -- the website is exposing their intimate moments.

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A Russian website is collecting live footage from homes and businesses across the world and posting it online.

More than 2,000 cameras have been hacked in France, about 1,500 in the Netherlands, and thousands more in over 100 countries worldwide.

There's video of a couple having breakfast in France, CCTV footage of an elderly patient lying in a bed in Minnesota, scenes from a beauty salon in Japan, and the view of a playground with a pool and trampoline in the Netherlands. Information Commissioner's Office urged people to change the default passwords to prevent their cameras from being hacked.

If you have ever been curious about it, we will show you not only how to see through the eyes of a security camera, but also to zoom, pan, tilt, capture, and save images right from your computer.

Here is a guide to watch security camera streams on the internet.

A quick browse through the website reveals live streams from nearly 4,600 cameras in the U.

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