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"It's just one of those things that happens in the business world."Caughey said there had been concerns about possible layoffs after current CEO Richard Jalichandra stepped in last year, because "his background was turning around companies." Founder and former CEO Ryan De Luca resigned in 2015.

He also forced her to purchase and use a sex toy so that he could watch her via Skype, an online service for sharing text messages and live videos.

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Dopo aver viaggiato tra i monti e le valli bergamasche e bresciane si arriva, improvvisamente dopo una curva, a Lovere.

Il tessuto urbano si รจ sviluppato in funzione del suo territorio, stretto tra lago e montagna, e si presenta come un grande anfiteatro.

released an official statement Thursday morning."Today announced an organizational downsizing," the statement read.

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