Forecastfox radar not updating


Mankind has forever been intrigued with the weather. Plant at the wrong time, and you risk wiping out an entire crop.

Outdoor events are planned with regard to the weather.

Hovering over the icons shows more information such as temperature and wind speed.

As of 2014, the extension is no longer being updated.

Originally, I had planned on writing about Forecastbar Enhanced 0.9.

There is also a version of the extension for Google Chrome. Previously, the feed was provided by but the terms of service became too restrictive.

Current Firefox browsers indicate the downloads linked from 2.2.2) as not compatible with Firefox 31 or later, an obstacle to deployment. Third-party sources have versions which work with current browsers,[1][2] but the extension still relies on the website to serve the extension's configuration page.

If that domain were to stop functioning, there is a strong risk that Forecastfox would no longer be installable.

Forecastfox Weather was a Firefox browser extension created by Ensolis that displays a summary of weather forecast for a given location in the status bar, menu bar or toolbar.

The summary takes the form of icons alongside text labels, depicting sun, clouds or rain for one or more days ahead.

Forecast bar will not be displayed on some sites from and google.com4.

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