For the dating couple


We are both Christians, both desire to have Christ at the center of our relationship and see marriage as the end goal to dating.We are in our late 20s/early 30s and currently we attend different churches.Successful relationships take work, the authors remind us. He maintains a full time counseling practice in Austin, Texas.Their somewhat didactic approach, however, might turn off some readers, and the length and intensity of the course may mean that others lose steam partway through. The retreat is ideal for couples who just want to get away, and it does not include therapy.

Young, host of the syndicated radio show The Single Connection, and Adams, a clinical psychologist, present a nine-week course of daily devotionals for committed Christians involved in long-term relationships and aiming toward marriage.

Three months is not too short a time to decide you want to be members of the same church.

If you see the potential for a biblically faithful marriage between the two of you, then answering this question is a necessary part of the process of growing toward the oneness of marriage.

The following seven suggestions meet a variety of needs whether you are married, not-married, struggling or just looking to rekindle your romance.

The Texas Couples' Retreat is two nights accommodation, with a full day of meals for two people (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks), including dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day.

But he is willing to go to my church if that’s what I want. Now, I feel like if I leave, people will think it’s just because of this guy.

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