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6 nights & 5 days full days of guided actives, meals & drinks, accommodations, evening entertainment, and other ranch amenities.Your accommodations will be stocked with home amenities, warm blankets and comforters, and spacious outdoor decks.Worked slowly, it rolls seductively just under the surface, leaving a V-wake. Doodlebug, Smilin' Bill, Lima Bean, Upperman, Hopkins Hammered, SPRO Prime, Pro Fish Fishskin Jigs - no matter the style, brand or nickname, a painted leadhead jig dressed with the hair from the tail of a whitetail deer was and still is one of the most fish-catching lures ever devised.Cast one out, let it sink and retrieve it by lifting and dropping the tip of the rod to give it an up-and-down motion and something is sure to eat it.

Add a strip of bait or Uncle Josh Pork Rind, maybe a stinger hook, too, and it is twice as effective.For solo travellers looking to give back to the communities they visit, voluntourism holidays allow you to put your professional skills to use on a career break.With tailor-made itineraries exploring Africa, Asia, South America or the South Pacific, these trips are not just for gap-year students. Away from Morocco’s fascinating cities, the country has stunning landscapes to discover.She would complain every year that she had to dip into her own pocket for teaching supplies and aids that she couldn’t get from the supply storeroom, and I understand that this is common among teachers everywhere.Read more Plot thickens: An unconfirmed but credible rumor is circulating that one of the nation’s oldest and most prolific development firms has acquired an 11.39-acre island parcel from Lowe’s Home Improvement and is making offers for surrounding tracts. Read more Galveston College officials are pursuing several new buildings on campus, including a nursing building, a new instructional building at the Applied Technology Center, parking, student housing and a performance arts building.The sweet sounds of pads popping and coaches’ whistles were silenced this week in Galveston County as the threat of Hurricane Harvey resulted in football scrimmages being cancelled and practices being put on hold.

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