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is a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea.

It occupies the western three-eighths of the island, which it shares with the Dominican Republic.

Have whoever's shooting step back just enough to get a three-fourths shot of your body."Urbinati: "White can wash out in photos, so if you're in shape, a simple well-fitting crew tee or Henley in gray is flattering and effortless.

To look more put together, try dark jeans, a slim-collar shirt, and a well-tailored suit jacket in gray—it reads more casual than black, less preppy than navy."Displaying your guts by completing questions like "On a typical Friday night I am..." and "I'm really good at..." will make you feel self-conscious and absurd— and that's normal.

When the earthquake struck, he was sitting at home in front of his computer.

Now the Haitian government is debating how and if the capital should be rebuilt -- or if it should be moved elsewhere. He had done the calculations, in millimeters and in centuries, he had calculated the pressure that was building up beneath his feet, and he had estimated the energy that would eventually be discharged.The next quake, according to Prépetit's calculations, will be even stronger, probably measuring about 7.6 on the Richter scale.He predicts that it could happen in 20 years' time, give or take a few years.In fact, as the Haitian government's official seismologist, he knows everything about earthquakes. After having spent years warning about the possibility of an earthquake striking Haiti, he can hardly be blamed for what happened there.In those 40 seconds, his brother-in-law and some of his friends died. Prépetit, a tall man with a wrinkled face who is wearing sneakers, now says, quite calmly, that the earth beneath Port-au-Prince will shake again, but first it will happen farther to the north.Download the app for free to find great single Muslims in your area.

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