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Almost all of Crocker's work has been attributed to his being an openly gay and Southern adolescent in a "small quiet town".

The Tennessee based Crocker, a stage name, keeps his identity and exact location private because according to him, and as seen in the public comments to his work, there are safety concerns and death threats in response to his You Tube and My Space vlogs and profile.

Crocker stated that although he is often acting in his videos, his emotions were genuine and "straight from the heart"; although he described the clip as a "second take" in one interview, he clarified on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It depicts the two sitting on a leopard print couch while engaging in some flirty banter about Crocker being “the only woman” in Carter’s life and ends with the two going in for a kiss: Shortly after the video was uploaded, it was deleted.In October 2007, reported that Crocker was being sued by Onch Movement Jewelry for 1 million dollars, for fraud and breach of contract, and provided a copy of the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.Crocker's second EP "Walls Down" was released on March 14, 2013 under his new stage name Chris Cunningham-Crocker.", in which he tearfully defended pop singer Britney Spears' comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards; his video received over four million views in two days.In almost all of his adolescent works, he presents himself as an openly gay and effeminate Southerner in a "small-minded town" in the Bible Belt.Lucky for all of us, the Internet is forever and somebody posted the clip on You Tube.

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