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The Plenty of Fish website, which counts its membership at 55 million people worldwide, is to scrap its "intimate encounters" function after it became apparent that many of its female users were not what they seemed.Markus Frind, the founder of the site Plenty of Fish, said he had taken radical action after complaints of harassment by women, and the discovery that many of its female profiles were bogus.

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An internet dating site which offers the promise of no-strings-attached "hook-ups" has been forced to tighten up its vetting procedures after it was revealed that less than 0.2% of its users were women seeking casual sex.Objectifying someone creates that energy, fuels that bond, making it grotesquely powerful and consuming.One Way Attraction I wasn’t actually attracted to either of them, looking at them with lust made me feel that I had a tacit right to have whatever interactions with them that I wanted, because it felt like we had already established a relationship. I mean, we feel entitled to be close to the people we feel close to, right?If you live in the United States, then you are probably familiar with the complete hatred and racism towards the black man in America.We are the target of hate crimes, discrimination, random killings, and a host of other awful problems.However the energy of attraction is created, that energy forms a bond.

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