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and people can select a condition from the list.) The problem I'm having at the moment is that these links no longer update properly. At this point, when I go into the name manager, the links have now changed to the entire file path.

To clarify, they will update if I open the source file and then the output file manually. For some reason, every time it has done this (for example, when I've moved the file to another location), it stops updating the links.

While working in Excel (and probably doing nothing special) the UI suddendly stops "working correctly".

Most of the UI elements disappear and also the mouse icon is visible, but clicks or selections are not "drawn" on the screen, but the UI elements, like "quick save" respond properly to mouse clicks. Technically nothing special is happening in the background, Excel CPU usage jumps up and down, but not really to 100%.

The new spreadsheet has under tables several tables which are somewhat puzzling.

Hello, I've got a couple of finance users that are experiencing the following Excel 2016 (C2R) issues.

Since July 5 when I go to update the pivot tables the pivot tables revert to an earlier date or refuse to update.

When I now delete the pivot table and start afresh and do the move copy and try to update, either the pivot table disappears and wants me to add the link or it says it cannot find the file on my c drive.

If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. We have ruled out Trust Centre Settings (all correct) and automatic calculation is active as well as making sure no cells are formatted as text etc.Even if the source file is open it does not recognise this link and trys to refer to the full server directory which in any case is correct.If it does, then there's a good chance that the paths are just too long.Thanks for your response Sal, the problem is intermitent and doesn't prejudice against longer directories.The excel combo boxes in the output file will not be able to pick up the data from this output workbook unless it is open in the SAME instance of excel!

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