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"The doctor told us it was in our best interest to terminate the pregnancy because her dying was pretty inevitable ... we wanted to give Omara a fighting chance," Paradiso wrote in her blog.

"We had to have her delivered early by an EXIT procedure, which is basically like a larger and riskier C-section, because her tumor was so massive that at 27 weeks she would be too big to deliver vaginally," Paradiso said.

i Date2013, the "European Dating Conference" in Köln was one of the most important events for the dating industry.

Online and mobile dating industry executives, matchmakers, mobile application providers, affiliate marketers, funders, payment processors and startups were in attendance.

Gender equality has been a founding principle of the European Union (EU), dating back over 50 years, to when the principle of equal pay for men and women was included in the Treaty of Rome in 1957.

Gender equality remains a key priority for the European Commission, with a number of principles in place, including but not limited to, ensuring equal work treatment and conditions, pay, promotions, and parental leave between women and men.

"I was watching the [third presidential debate] and when I heard Trump say that late-term abortions were ripping babies out at nine months, I went into a full panic attack and started sobbing because I couldn't believe people actually thought that happens, so I had to share my story and set things straight," Paradiso told Buzz Feed Health.A progress report is produced every year, and can be found here.In 2012, gender equality became a key priority in EU research strategy and is targeted through Horizon 2020 funding and within the European Research Area in collaboration with Member State (ERA), both of which aim to remove barriers to the recruitment, retention and career progression of female researchers, address gender balance in decision making and strengthen the gender dimension in the content of research.Click here to see the If you've never been to our events before, you will learn a lot about this industry while at the same time make a lot of friends in the business.We trust that you will find this event exciting, fun and a great learning experience. Universities that are members of the Athena SWAN Charter (please see the feature in the EXPLORATHON special edition), and hold EU research grants, promote, embed and celebrate gender equality through a number of actions and initiatives.

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